The Story Line

Katie loves few things in life more than baseball.

Her life working the Red Sox beat for the Boston Globe has come crashing down around her, when she violates a sacred rule of journalism − Don’t date your subject.  In full view of her colleagues and his teammates, Katie publically humiliates her now ex-boyfriend, the Sox centerfielder. Making it worse, she tries to run away from her problems costing her everything − her job, her credibility and her self-respect.

To avoid the scandal developing in Boston, she flees to her parent’s home in rural Pennsylvania.

Katie’s car stalls several miles short of the family farm, and she is taken in by an Amish family, the Fensterbrachers. Their hospitality and isolation provide a temporary haven from the outside world. While the local garage waits for car parts, Katie observes the Amish sense of calm purpose, something foreign from her frenetic world of driven over-achievers. She experiences the structure missing in her life.

She thinks the farm is isolated but her problems and baseball follow her. Watching a weekly pickup game played barefoot and in secret, Katie is stunned to see pure baseball distilled to major league proficiency. One standout, Adam, plays better than anyone Katie’s ever seen. She gambles everything he will be the next Babe Ruth but she has to convince Adam to risk certain ostracism if the community elders realize what they are doing.

Katie must persuade the owners of the local minor league team to sign Adam before the elders discover he is playing and before her Boston past finds its way to the Amish hayfields.

Many consider baseball a timeless game, but in Katie’s world, time is running out.

The FASTNACHT LEAGUE is 88,000 words.


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  1. Maria says:

    Greg, I love the trailer! What a great job you did. I can’t wait until your book is pubished. Good luck!

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